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Ramadan Programs

Ramadan 2014

We at MakeSpace are honored and privileged to have the opportunity to provide an open and welcoming space for our fellow Muslims to unite as an ummah and grow with each other. Now that Ramadan is upon us, we are excited to announce our many plans this blessed month!

Iftaar and Dinner

This year, we will begin celebrating iftaars together on Sunday, June 30th. Our doors open at 7:30 every evening, and everyone is welcome to volunteer to serve others, to join us for a delicious meal, and meet our amazing community!


Taraweeh, a special prayer that takes place each night during the month of Ramadan, will begin promptly after Isha, at approximately 10:15 pm every night.  Imam Zia and our Guest Speaker will uplift our hearts with relevant talks about the meaning of Islam and Ramadan every night during the khutbah.

Suhoor Saturday

Please join your MakeSpace family for Suhoor every Saturday at IHOP. We will meet at 2:30 am for a chance to share a pre-dawn meal amongst friends.  Please check Facebook and Twitter for updates!

Ramadan Gift Baskets

Welcoming new Muslims into the fold of our community is a special honor that we have the opportunity to take part in. Please join us in making our fellow Muslims feel loved and appreciated by helping us to assemble gifts to share with them. Currently, we would appreciate any new prayer rugs that you could donate to us.

Ramadan Buddies

Gifts are great, but what New Muslims really need is a friendly face and a compassionate ear. If you are eager to help someone find the beauty in Islam, please contact us so that we can match you up with an awesome new friend.

Humans of MakeSpace

We love to hear about the different ways our brothers and sisters celebrate Islam! This Ramadan, MakeSpace will be launching our Humans of MakeSpace project, a photoblog featuring portraits and interviews of our fellow MakeSpacers!

Service Projects

Our Outreach Committee is hard at work setting up service projects for Ramadan. Make sure to check our Facebook and Twitter pages for details!

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