5 Non-Traditional Ways to Give Back

How often do you find yourself sitting at work wondering if you could be doing something more fulfilling? How about sitting in class contemplating if the job you get after earning your degree will help you make a difference in the world? Ever attend a religious... read more

Focus: Connections During Ramadan

The following a recap of a beautiful khutba (Friday sermon) given by Brother Haris Tarin regarding connections during Ramadan: In the Prophetic tradition, Ramadan is described as a guest upon the believers. In the Islamic tradition, we welcome guests with open arms,... read more

Ramadan: Connecting with Ourselves, the Community & Allah

Today is the first day of Ramadan. Over the past few weeks, American-Muslim community has been buzzing with conversations ranging from how to get kids excited, to how many hours we’ll be fasting, and what are the most protein-packed foods to eat in suhoor (pre-dawn... read more

Halaqa: A New Spiritual Dawn with Quran & Ramadan

This week’s halaqa, A New Spiritual Dawn with Quran & Ramadan, was a light and refreshing conversation preparing us for the beautiful month of Ramadan which will begin around the 17th of this month. Imam Zia began the halaqa by mentioning that these events are... read more

Halaqa: Responding to Hate with Love

In light of increasing negativity towards Muslims in the United States, MakeSpace focused this weekend’s halaqa on Responding to Hate with Love. Two recent incidents were still fresh in attendee’s minds this Sunday. First, a female Muslims chaplain by the name of... read more

Halaqa: Maintaining Balance in an Imbalanced World Part III

This Sunday we continued to dive into the importance of maintaining balance in times of imbalance. On May 10th, the focus of the discussion was related to the individual. This week we concentrated on the family aspect of the same topic. We were joined by Susie Sharaf... read more

Sponsor a Ramadan Night

Great opportunity to earn countless blessings! Each night of taraweeh during Ramadan at Dunya will cost MakeSpace $1310 (rent only, other costs are additional). If you would like to sponsor one of the 28 Ramadan nights (June 17 to July 27, 2015), please contact... read more

Halaqa of Healing- Visiting Faith Part III

We are in the month of Rajab, which historical scholars believe is the month that Isra and Mi’raj took place. Isra and Mi’raj is one of the most momentous events that we learn about when studying the seera (story/journey) of our beloved Prophet (pbuh).... read more

Halaqa: Maintaining Balance in an Imbalanced World Part II

This weekend, MakeSpace continued the conversation regarding Maintaining Balance in an Imbalanced World. Imam Zia was joined by Haris Tarin and Dalia Mogahed in an audience-interactive discussion surrounding maintaining balance on an individual basis. The following is... read more

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