About Us

What we are all about

To build an inclusive community of compassionate and empowered American Muslims

Our Mission

The mission of MakeSpace is to serve as an inclusive, welcoming hub for the Washington Metropolitan area Muslim community, with a strong focus on youth and young professionals. We aim to help our members grow spiritually, intellectually and professionally. We further aim to help the community develop an American Muslim identity rooted in the values of balance and compassion through educational programs, civic engagement initiatives, community service projects and recreational activities.

Programs at a Glance

Partial list of our weekly programs: Sunday School || Friday Worship/Prayer Service || Weeknight Classes || General Adult Education Classes || Knowledge/Discussion Circles || Community Service Projects || Community Bonding Events

Fees: Most of our programs are free. Any programs for which payment is required, the fees are used to cover MakeSpace’s expenses with long-term sustainability of programs in mind.

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